UnselfishContactor.com - How Do I Double Optin My Contacts?

UnselfishContactor.com Autoresponder

Once you have made an Autoresponder click: [Edit Properties] there you find and make the first email to your prospects.

To make it double optin you just have to tell them to click the link %%VERIFYLINK%% (a TAG found to the left that will produce a verify link) so they allow you to email them and they can get a hold on whatever incentive you're using to build your list.

That incentive you then deliver in the 1st message after the above initial verify/confirm email

Done by visiting [View Messages]
Make the 1st message & at least the 2nd message to go out 1 day later (3rd message to go out 1 day later than 2nd msg. and so on)

Then you grab the [Form Codes] and insert it on your website, now upload.

Always remember to test :-)

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