2 .7z files - What's That?

Since Feb. 6, 2009 you get your download faster (you can find an orange colored "box/table" inside UM Vault, the Top Navigation Bar: "Start Here >> Blurbs here..." page)

It boils down to you having to download a superior zipper once from http://www.7-zip.org
and enjoy the increased speed you now get the often huge downloads from the vault for life :-)

MAC users should download http://kekaosx.com/ if you have difficulties "unzipping" .7z


.7z has turned out to be SO popular that winZIP (at least from Version 12) found themselves "forced" to also be able to un7zip = I have v12 and it works fine... BUT I NEVER use winZIP because I find FREE .7z MUCH FASTER :-)

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