3. I Can't Open The Download

NEVER try to just OPEN
ALWAYS right click >> EXTRACT here

Please download & INSTALL the superior zipper from http://7-zip.org

MAC users should download http://kekaosx.com/ if you have difficulties "unzipping" .7z


NOTE also if you have downloaded to a location too "far away" from your Desktop the path will be too long to unzip thus your computer will object

1) Try to move the download directly onto your desktop and unzip there

2) Try to unzip using winRAR (another powerful "unzipper" ) which should be standard on all window machines - Can be downloaded here: http://rarlab.com

3) Finally you should try to reboot your "puter" since Mr. Gates made windows need a sleep minimum every 24 hours


Since 2009 we've used a superior zipper named 7-zip (.7z not inferior .zip)

After installation
you RIGHT click any .7z download (works for .zip too)
Popup will show
Then choose
>> Extract Here
(never just "open")

This is related (shot to help out a fellow UMer)

VLC Media Player Download (promised in video above)
Choose OS At Bottom

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