0. How do I get Vault Pro Hosting?

Please Visit & Read: https://unselfishmarketer.com/PROhosting.html THANKS :-)

ALL I need is for you to give me what I call your MASTER domain - ONE that you will never want to part with

Your MASTER domain gets a cPanel & there you can add up to 999 other domains you own, using ADDON (just like all other web hosts works)


WHEN you prefer a cPanel on ALL your domains then you need Reseller Hosting - It starts from $22/month (inside your reseller account you then "CREATE An Account" for each of your domains)

You're NOT forced to sell web hosting - It's 100% OPTIONAL - The advantages of a cPanel on each domain are plenty - MOST important: It's a breeze to move a domain with cPanel to another web host

Feel FREE to find a cheaper reseller web hosting plan = There are PLENTY out there - Please remember that you get what you pay for and I promise you it ain't gonna be on 16 (YES, SIXTEEN) CPUs & 64GB RAM PRO Servers like you get hosting with me

MANY is like HostGator known to KICK YOU OUT once you start to use just 8% of the resources that they advertise you get

It's a NUMBERS GAME: Host successful you or host 100 who uses almost no resources, making 100 times the money... GREED prevails!

To FIGHT greed is my #1 WHY I became a web host way back in 2004


NOTE: We do not migrate your domains for you - That's a KIND DIY job :-)

Please LOGIN to where you bought your domain(s) - pick your MASTER domain

BACKUP all your content including MySQL Datebase(s) if you use any to your computer

TELL me your MASTER domain

We give you your web hosting account


DNS >> ns1.unselfishmarketers.com - IP:
DNS >> ns2.unselfishmarketers.com - IP:

Most domain registrars are QUICK but DNS change can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate the whole internet

You can check your domain's progress here: https://who.is/

ONCE you see OUR DNS you can upload your content to your new online home :-)


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