3. How Do I UPGRADE To UM Vault's Cheaper Biannual / Yearly Subscription or Invest ONCE?

You can do this yourself :-)

It's advisable to wait until your current $47 is almost due to get the most days out of your current subscription.

Let's say your fee is due the 19th...

1) Login to PayPal & CANCEL your current subscription with us the 18th.

2) Visit http://unselfishmarketer.com/save and chose our Biannual / Yearly Subscription or Invest ONCE plan.

3) TIP: If you use the same email address that we know already JVM1 will fill in your details on the next page - Everything will stay the same - Same password as you always use & your affiliate id# is also the same

For the observant UM Vault Member: Yes, we'll tag you with aff_id=33466 ... That is because we want to make darn sure your referrer gets credited. Every upgrade will be manually checked and moved to credit your referrer; YES - Our Hardworking Valued Affiliates Are Appreciated :-)

Warmest Regards,

P.S. If you're on a different monthly plan then please open a ticket, thanks

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